I Can Only Imagine

On date night, Damon and I went to see the movie I Can Only Imagine. It was a powerful movie and one I highly recommend. The story is a bit hard to watch at times and honestly hit on some things that were painful for me. However, the overall theme for me was redemption. You see someone go from one extreme to the other and a father-son relationship restored. It gave me hope that change is possible for us all.

The other part that greatly encouraged me was the forgiveness given. Sometimes certain situations just don’t seem possible to forgive. If someone cuts you off in traffic, no big deal. Thats easy to forgive and move on. However, if someone has stolen something or hurt you, especially if you were a child, now that is another level. What about words spoken over you? Are we able to forgive those too? If I started rattling off the words that have come my way, you would be amazed. We aren’t going there and when they have come to mind, I want to forgive the persons who spoke them. I’m not sure the good it would do for me to hang on to them anyways. Some have taken longer and if there is truth in them, well that needs to be dealt with too. And make no mistake, I’ve done plenty of damage with my words as well. That too needs forgiveness.

What I saw in this movie gave me hope. We are still here on this spinning world with work to do. Maybe we need to have a relationship restored and its us that needs to make the first move. Perhaps we need to ask for forgiveness for actions or words. Other times, it wasn’t us that were wrong and restoration isn’t possible. Know what? God knows that situation too. Take it to him. Pour out your heart – He can take it. He’s the one who created your heart. If you want to keep carrying around all of this, it will and is costing you greatly. The choice is up to you. Trust me, it’s not worth it.

Start today and spend time talking with the Lord. Ask Him to search that heart of yours and see what needs to be dealt with. What are you waiting for?

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