One Sentence

“Walked all day with the living God.” -Emma Scrivener

There is a precious group of younger moms that come to our home once a month. I tried to set a perfectly constructed agenda, but that was not life giving for any of us. So now we gather, one brings a delicious treat, we laugh, share and pray. It is such a sweet time. There is time for each person to be heard and prayed for. Whatever the need, I already know Who the answer is and so do they. One of these sweet moms shared an article with all of us and it was fantastic. It was entitled, “You Didn’t Do Nothing Today”. And it addressed the life of an unseen servant.

IMG_6297One of the lines stopped my eyes and I could not move forward. The author was telling about her day and one of the things she listed was, “Walked all day with the living God.” What an incredible reminder! We have been told that He is always with us, but are we mindful of His presence? Do we ignore Him or do we engage? When we are having a hard day, week, month or year, we are more aware of our need it seems to me. However, when all is well, are we mindful of our invitation to walk with God? Furthermore, what does that actually look like?

For me and my daily relationship with the living God, it took some hard things and some amazing people who live out this walking adventure. All the basic knowledge I had was enough to give you the right answer and yes, I was “saved” at the age of 11, but I knew there had to be more. The whole be good enough/earn your worth trap got me hung up for awhile, but thankfully that is no longer. Trying to be ok in others eyes can put you in a constant state of work, but you never get a day off. How tiring that becomes. When you long for rest, security, unconditional love, peace and lasting joy you become very aware of people who seemed to have found all of this. Their smiles are bright, their eyes meet yours and they have a confidence that cannot be shaken. Even when life is hard they remain true to who you have always known them to be.

Currently I am watching a family that have spent their life telling people about this living God. Now, the husband has lost his wife of 49 years and a daughter just had a major surgery. Their response to loss is unbelievable. While the pain and grief is not downplayed at all, their dependence and trust is on display. I am amazed and pray for them often. This man encourages others and is so thankful for the care their family has received. It is beautiful to watch and I can’t get the words out of my head I heard spoken. “I believe what I preach.” So simple and tells me that the preaching is the easy part. It is the daily living, the daily walking in these times, especially these times, that show true belief.

I remember being so wrapped up in my own grief and feeling so alone most days when my mom died. I did not even muster up the courage to write thank you notes to the thoughtful ones who sent flowers for her funeral. So, if you sent a card while she was sick, a note to my family or flowers, thank you. Thank you for giving gifts of comfort. I know I am almost 9 years late, but thank you. It was noticed and appreciated, just overshadowed. Amazing how time gives you a sense of gratitude for even small gestures of people giving of themselves. I was starved for it at the time and did not even know it. This families loss brought some of this back to the surface and for that I am thankful.

While that was many years ago, I have to say that one of the gifts that came out of that time was my acknowledgment of needing more. God became even more important to me and I wanted more of Him. That desire continues to increase and I cannot get enough of who He is. This daily walk begins early and the words He has written astonish me. The way He answers questions I have or gives direction to my struggles is mind-blowing. Only the living God could do what He does. I love talking to Him and listening. I love sharing Him with others. I love giving words of encouragement and hope. I love telling our kids how He loves them and wants them to know Him. There is nothing like a life with the living God who wants me walking beside Him towards home. I wonder do you know Him?



Worth It

Have you ever read through the fourteenth chapter of Acts? We did in Bible study and the life of Paul astounded me once again. This man would not give up sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. He faced so much opposition, division and physical abuse, but he never gave up. In this chapter he is even stoned and left for dead outside of the city. The man got up and went back into town. Who would do such a thing? Wouldn’t fear keep you away?

IMG_6743As we read this chapter a few times, the thought hit me that Paul must have thought that the Good News was worth sharing and that all people were worth telling. Why else would he have risked his life time and time again? The whole stoning thing would have shut me up I am afraid, but I pray I would have this kind of love and courage. Paul obviously knew whom he belonged to and had eternity in mind.

Another point that stood out to me in this chapter was the reaction some towns people had when he healed a man who had been crippled all his life. They began praising him like he was a god. His response was remarkable. He deflected all praise off of himself and back to the source of healing power, God. A woman in Bible study made the comment about modern day pastors who react in this way versus ones that seek glory for themselves. I do not trust teachers that are full of pride, for they will fall. Humility and a person who serves are the marks of a true leader and one who looks the most like Christ. Be careful who you allow to teach you.

Every time I read the Bible I am amazed at the lives of those who have gone before us. Some you learn from their mistakes and others you want to emulate. There is so much wisdom that can save us from years of wandering, where we miss out on a relationship with Jesus. Each page has words we need to read and ones that give us more insight into who God is. The more you dig into scripture, the more you realize you want to learn. Your love for God and others is the result. You want to make much of Him and little of yourself. I also want to pray that the risk of looking foolish, being persecuted and alone would not even compare to the joy found only in Jesus.

When we believe in our heart that He is worth it, people become worth it too. How can we withhold this news that will not only change lives now, but for eternity? Sometimes when I am out running errands, each person I pass I wonder if they know Christ. Do I risk looking foolish or keep going? There have been times where conversations have started and words just flow. He is so much apart of me that it is just as normal to speak about Christ as it is to talk about my family. However, I have not been put in a foreign country or a very hostile environment. Would I still be as bold? Would you?

For where God has me this day, I think I will go the way of courage. I will be ready to give an answer for my hope and speak words of love. We have it pretty easy compared to other places in our world. I do not think we will get to heaven and wish we would not have shared Jesus less. If anything, I think we will regret not sharing Him more. What is the worst that can happen? Someone looks at us weird, says something ugly or laughs? That sounds like a trip back into the halls of middle school! We made it through those rough years didn’t we? We are wiser now and hopefully rooted in the amazing love of God. Each person we encounter is worth sharing the Good News. May we be people of discernment and courage. May we not be afraid to speak the truth in love, but live it first. If our lives do not match up to our words, why would anyone find us worth listening too?  I look forward to seeing who the Lord puts in our paths!

Sunday Overflow

Today was one of those Sundays in church where I found it hard to stay in my seat. I was holding a sleeping 6 year old, so that kept me in place. However, my heart was soaring with joy from the words that were being spoken by our pastor. Then the music… I am not over that yet either. Words were expressed that have been in my heart for years. The title of the sermon was, “Reaching Out to Serve” and gave a simple explanation for the importance and reason why we serve. Our relationship with Christ should make a difference in our lives and love is the natural response. Serving is just extending the love that Christ has given to us. It becomes a way of life.

IMG_6761The song we ended the service was, “So Will I”, an older song by Hillsong. The lyrics are a declaration of praise to our God. It is so beautiful and filled me with peace. The thing about purpose is it brings you peace. The striving stops and peace floods in when we do what we were made to do – praise God. One of the things I love about Sundays is singing words of praise back to God with a room full of people. Makes me think we are getting a glimpse of heaven. Singing is one way we worship and I like to think it pleases God too.

As I read the words and sang along today, the line that summarized the sermon for me was towards the end.

I can see your heart in everything you’ve done                                                                     Every part designed in a work of art called love                                                                          If you gladly chose surrender so will I                                                                                              I can see your heart                                                                                                                       Eight billion different ways                                                                                                          Every precious one a child you died to save                                                                                  If you gave your life to love them so will I

Did you catch that? Each person we encounter was designed by God, in His image and Christ died for each one of us. He died for the sin of each person in the world, not just the ones who have accepted this act of love. Why would we pass up this gift? Why would we not spend our lives pouring out into other peoples lives, in hopes that they will experience the love of Christ?

When our oldest returned from the Passion Conference, she came home with gifts. She brought me two books and they are so good. One is by John Piper entitled, Don’t Waste Your Life. So much in just the title. I know that my life is not wasted if I acknowledge that I am a sinner, Christ died to pay the debt I could not pay for my sin, and I confess that He is who He says He is. God created us to be in relationship with Him and to live based on this love relationship. There is trust in knowing the extent God went to be in relationship with His creation. I have chosen to trust His faithfulness even when I do not understand. He is God and I am not.

This song strung together this declaration so beautifully. I’ve shared some of it with you, but you need to listen to it for yourself. A precious friend sent me the video from YouTube, so it is easy to track down there. When I watched the video, another line stuck out to me.

God of salvation You chased down my heart                                                                     Through all of my failure and pride

He loves us so much and pursues us even despite of all our sin. Who would want to remain separated from this kind of forgiveness and extravagant grace? Your life is not meant to be wasted and one way to ensure it is not is by serving with the love you have met in Jesus. He will give you what you need and it can be quite exciting!

So, as the week begins, look for ways to share this love that lives inside of you. Praise God with your life and do what you were created to do!






“We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making His appeal through us. We implore you on Christ’s behalf: Be reconciled to God.”                           2 Corinthians 5:20

This is the verse that came to mind after writing yesterday. This is why our words, actions, whether or not we listen, our responses – all of it matters. We are a representation of Christ. He has entrusted us with His Holy Spirit that empowers us to represent Him well. I think about that so often with our children. Will I help or hurt their impression of who God is by the way I parent? My obedience to Him shapes who they believe God to be. It is not something I fear, but a privilege. It is so much easier when I choose His power over my own.

IMG_6877This role as an ambassador does not stop at home, but is a role we take with us everywhere we go. We carry with us the light of Christ. Will others notice something different about us or will we blend in?  Do we stand out because of our love for others or love of self? Do we set an example others want to follow? If they find out we are Christians, are they surprised in a good or bad way? Do we come across as being against so much and for so little? There is no freedom like the freedom found in Christ, but does that shine?

These are questions I am asking myself. These thoughts concern me because I do not always do a great job of being an ambassador for Christ. I get impatient, expect grace, but do not always extend it and the list could go on. The fact that God can use me is remarkable, but will He? How I behave does not change who He is, but it can give others a misrepresentation of His character. We are given this one life, in this time period, in this location and we need to use it well as ambassadors. You have influence over others and they can see Him or they can see you. Which will it be? Let’s be people who make much of Him and little of ourselves. Little about our agendas and much about the reconciliation Christ offers. Eternity is at stake friends.

*Eli took this picture of me yesterday with the lightbulb;)

Listening Well

Yesterday I was sitting at the kitchen counter working on a writing piece. The barstool beside me became more like a revolving door for the kids. One would sit down, share about their school day and I would listen. Then another would come and pour out their heart. One had a story that needed my assistance in writing down, so that was pretty entertaining. One by one they came and I listened. They were not looking for answers or for me to fix anything, just listen. My words could wait, but theirs could not.

IMG_6874Do you spend much time listening? It takes time, patience and self control. It means setting aside your expectations and answers. As a mom, we want to fix things, correct or help. Sometimes though we can come across as having it all figured out and we forget what it was like to be a child. Part of growing up is learning to figure things out on our own, but having a parent near by to listen is reassuring. We can run the risk of them not coming to us if we have correction ready and closed ears. Who will they find to listen?

Listening does not end with our kids. It carries on as a wonderful skill in friendships as well. Do you have friends who listen to you? Do you have friends you listen to? I will confess that I have failed at times with being a good listening friend. The Lord convicted my heart about this and I am working on it. The verse that comes to mind is, “My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry…” (James 1:19). Oh, the times we could avoid having to pull our foot out of our mouth, so to speak, if we would obey God’s word.

Can you even imagine what life would be like if we actually implemented this simple verse? I think about the words that would stop flying at the referee’s during our daughters basketball games. I think about the angry social media posts and responses that would stop. The horrible, disrespectful bashing of our President would come to an end. The hateful words against the opposite party would cease. In my opinion, these comments are just an accepted outlet for anger. I always wonder what lies below the surface. What hurt has not been healed, that makes one so angry? Quite possibly people have never felt heard, so this is your chance on social media.

What about another approach? The unraveling of a broken heart will take time and possibly money. Therapists, which I am thankful for, are paid great deals of money to listen. They listen, with notebook in hand, then ask questions. They listen to the answers, ask more questions and you end up knowing the answer to your hurt all along. It just takes someone willing to listen to get to the bottom of the heart issue. So, I wonder if we could keep our kids out of therapist offices if we would listen to them now? Maybe we could save our friends some money if we actually listened.

If you have good friends or grown up kids, do you listen and ask them questions or is always one-sided? If you are listening, are you already forming a response before they finish speaking? Then you are not listening. Do you have a solution to every problem or do you let the other person unravel just a bit of their heart? Just something to ponder.

I’m thinking these well trained therapist are on to a beautiful technique. Maybe our kids and friends hearts can be in better shape after they spend time with us. I say we ask the Lord to give us ears that actually hear and a tongue that remains silent more. Minimize quick corrections that do not really matter, ask a few more questions and allow time for conversation. I bet you will be amazed at what you learn. You might actually become someone that is sought after because everyone needs a listening ear at times.

So, I pray this year we become better listeners. Better at listening to God and obeying His Word. Better at being slow to speak, quicker to listen and very slow to getting angry. May our social media posts help, not hurt and our sporting events echo with cheers. I just know we will be happier because this is God’s idea, not mine.

*Picture of Eli having a lightbulb moment in the Walmart parking lot!





An Interesting Week

This week has been one where life has happened in our home and I have slept through much of it. The flu can keep one in bed and cause you to be very isolated. I would wake up and hear things happening, but not have an ounce of energy to engage. I kept telling myself that I would not be sick forever and this will soon pass. Then I would sleep some more. None of my normal activities were possible and my husband took charge of everything. He is one amazing man! Always a hard worker, selfless and kind. I was reminded of the gift he is yet again this week.

IMG_6709When you are alone for long periods of time and do not feel very good, I started to notice some things. When I would have times of being awake, I had a few choices. Reading was hard to do, so listening to some biblical teachings was a good choice. Watching tv was also an option, but one I could not do for long. Have you ever noticed there is a lot of selfishness on home buying shows? It got to be too much. The news was equally depressing, so off the tv went. I made the choice not to let anymore junk into my isolated space. I did not put my head in the sand, but limited how much about what is happening in our world come in. Be careful what you are allowing into your mind, for it will seep into your heart.

I have also been reminded of how much joy I get from being apart of our everyday family life. Being on the outside and not engaged was not what I was made for. In fact, one of my boys came up beside me and spoke such insightful words. He touched my head and let me know I was in fact burning up, but that my heart was just fine. He then said that my eyes were so dim. Who notices things like that?  I thought about that statement when he left and how without purpose, because of sickness or pain, maybe a bit of life leaves our eyes. While only temporarily out of commission, what would happen if you remained outside and unengaged? I wonder if that is why some have lost that sparkle from their eyes? If so, how do you get that spark back? How do you get your life back?

Each person doing their part, fulfilling their purpose is what brings life in my opinion. I think that is pretty simple – love God, love others. My love for God overflows into my family and gives my serving them purpose. I do not do a thousand loads of laundry because I love laundry. I do each and every load because I love the people who wear the clothes that need to be cleaned. When I do not feel like doing one more load, I can choose to ask God for help in loving well. Amazing how His love changes even how you look at laundry isn’t it?

Something else I am aware of now that I am starting to come out of the flu fog – pain and sickness can make you very focused on self. I was too aware of all that hurt and forgot to ask about others. My husbands shoulder has been hurting, but I only asked about it today. One of the boys hurt their back on the trampoline and I didn’t follow up on that. Thankfully, my pain was temporary and I am slowly jumping back in. However, what would happen if my pain remained? Would I be able to take the focus off of my pain and see others? Would I forget my purpose to love God and others? One look into scripture and I would be reminded.

When we read God’s word, we have a choice to make. We can obey because of our love for Him or we can choose to go our own way. One way brings life, the other brings death. There are other benefits. “The precepts of the Lord are right, giving joy to the heart. The commands of the Lord are radiant, giving light to the eyes.” (Psalm 19:8). If you are miserable, without purpose, sick of heart maybe, can I ask you if you have tried living in God’s boundaries? Maybe your old ways just aren’t working for you anymore and you might be hurting enough to try something else. Pick up the Word of God, friend.

Also, who do you love? How are you showing it? Our oldest daughter talks a lot about “The 5 Love Languages” and wants to know how to best show love to others. There are different ways and it helps to know them. As a family we talked about how each of us feel loved. It is a simple concept, but can make such a difference. Love is easy to give and precious to receive. In fact, it also happens to be a command. “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.” (John 15:12). Jesus gave His life for our sin willingly. Are we willingly giving ourselves for others, especially to those we say we love? Want to know what makes giving love away easier? “Now that you have purified yourselves by obeying the truth so that you have sincere love for each other, love one another deeply, from the heart.” (1 Peter 1:22). When you are walking in obedience to God’s word, love is a result. Love is also a sign of life. “We know that we have passed from death to life, because we love each other. Anyone who does not love remains in death.” (1 John 3:14). So many benefits from living the way God designed us too. Let’s get to living!

I pray that 2020 will be a year of really living for each one of us!


Uncommon Kindness

Uncommon kindness, those are the words that caught my attention yesterday morning. A few months ago I switched Bibles and these words were in the study notes, written by Dr. David Jeremiah. He is a very knowledgeable teacher, but it is his love for the Lord that I hear most when he teaches. I found myself in the book of Ruth, reading God’s words and notes written by one of His servants. It is a very short book, but one of my favorites. The book is named after a woman who is part of the linage of Jesus. Her character is one to learn from. I plan on staying in this book for awhile, for she bears a likeness to Jesus in how she daily lives.

IMG_6700Ruth stood in a moment where she had a decision to make. She lived in Moab and married a man from Bethlehem. Her father-in-law and husband died and she remained with her mother-in-law, whose name was Naomi. Because of a food shortage, Naomi decides to return home to Bethlehem. She has gotten word from home “that the LORD had come to the aid of his people by providing food for them” (Ruth 1:6). So Ruth, Naomi and the other daughter-in-law start their journey. Namoi tries to convince the women to go back to Moab and speaks a blessing over them. One returns home, “to her people and her gods.” (1:15). Ruth decides to go forward. If she turned back, what awaited her was the grave of her husband, her family and all that was familiar.

Naomi makes another attempt to turn Ruth back towards her home. “But Ruth replied, ‘Don’t urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God will be my God.” (1:16). Ruth also made a life changing decision when she chose God that day. Don’t miss this. The matter was settled right then and there it seems, and the two women made their way to Bethlehem. They arrived just in time for the barley harvest. They came from a place where food was scarce, into a town whose name literally means “house of bread”. However, Naomi’s painful losses followed her into town as well. She had not only lost her husband, but her two sons as well. She was hungry for more than just bread I imagine. She must have been starved for joy too.

Her heartbreak was so great that she asked the towns people to call her “Mara, because the Almighty has made my life very bitter. I went away full, but the LORD has brought me back empty.” (1:20-21). I wonder what Ruth must have thought when she heard those words? Naomi was not alone because Ruth was right there with her. Grief can make one feel all alone, but that is not reality. God was also with her and had great plans in store. Her return would not be in vain. Neither is ours.

Ruth decides to go and pick up the leftover grain during this harvest time. This provision was put in place early on in order to care for those in need. Ruth and Naomi were in need. Ruth ends up in a field belonging to Boaz who takes notice of her. He asks his overseer about her and is told of her request. “She said, ‘Please let me glean and gather among the sheaves behind the harvesters. She came into the field and has remained here from morning till now, except for a short rest in the shelter.” (2:7). Don’t you just love this dear woman? She is well aware of her need, asks permission to take what she has not planted and then works to gather food for Naomi and herself. God provided for their physical need in Bethlehem and more was to come.

God also allowed Boaz to see Ruth’s heart. For when he talked to her and told her to stay in his field, she was blown away. “She asked him, ‘Why have I found such favor in your eyes that you notice me – a foreigner?” (2:10). His response is beautiful. “I’ve been told all about what you have done for your mother-in-law since the death of your husband – how you left your father and mother and your homeland and came to live with a people you did not know before.” (2:11). Ruth had suffered a great loss, but look what she did. She cared for her mother-in-law and left everything to continue her care. Uncommon kindness indeed.

In loss we have have two choices as we see in this story. One is to turn bitter and inward and the other is to turn outward in love. Naomi took her choice so far that she renamed herself. Ruth’s choice gave her compassion, a servants heart, an incredible work ethic, gratefulness, courage and favor. Do not miss that both women now have the same God. Because of the choice Ruth made, Boaz recognized a woman of great value. He even spoke a blessing to her. “May the LORD repay you for what you have done. May you be richly rewarded by the LORD, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to take refuge.” (2:12). In his blessing I hear familiar words of a later descendent, King David. “Because you are my help, I sing in the shadow of your wings.” (Psalm 63:7). Both Ruth and David knew where help came from no matter the circumstance.

The story continues and Boaz ends up marrying Ruth. They have a son named Obed. Can I just tell you that as I typed his name, autocorrect changed his name to obedience. Obed was the result of one woman’s obedience to a very faithful God. When Ruth left the grave and familiar behind, she had no idea the outcome. Nothing was certain for this dear woman, but she moved forward nonetheless.

I recently read how we can turn certainty into an idol, something we worship. I have been guilty of this before. Uncertainty requires faith in a God we cannot see. Certainty is much more comfortable. Even pain can become something familiar, but the result is bitterness I am afraid. Control will also creep in because to remain comfortable, you have to control what is certain. Fear will also rear its ugly head as one stands guard against change to remain in control. We can stay in Moab, so to speak, or step out in faith and obedience and journey to Bethlehem.

Our God did a wonder here in the life of Naomi, Ruth and Boaz. In fact, these words were spoken at the birth of Obed. “Praise be to the LORD, who this day has not left you without a guardian-redeemer. May he become famous throughout Israel! He will renew your life and sustain you in your old age. For your daughter-in-law, who loves you and who is better to you than seven sons, has given birth to him.” (4:14-15). Love was on display here for all the town to see. What started as uncommon kindness, led to Ruth taking Naomi’s God as her own as they headed towards their uncertain future.

I will tell you this one last thing. Years ago, I was given this verse for the year. “Those who go out weeping; carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with them.” (Psalm 126:6). When I was handed this verse, my sweet friend asked if I got the right one. I replied “yes” because I had spent years sowing tears over the loss of my mom. I was more than ready to harvest joy. However, the Lord had other plans and more tears to sow. When He is the One in control, the songs of joy do return, no matter how long the sowing takes. I have also found the sheaves to be compassion, kindness, faith, courage, gratefulness and love in abundance.

I believe in the same God of Naomi and Ruth. Naomi was given a second chance and her bitterness turned to joy. Ruth was recognized for her care of her mother-in-law and was ultimately woven into the lineage of Jesus. And both women were blessed by one mans uncommon kindness. Our God is a redeeming God!

There isn’t a person out there who does not know loss. It is the response that makes all the difference in how we journey forward. I pray we all follow Ruth’s example. Generations to come will be impacted by our choice. I believe they are counting on us. So, may obedience be the response this new year. May we choose uncommon kindness as we continue to move towards home. If bitterness has been your choice, then I pray the Holy Spirit softens your heart and gives you eyes to see the needs of others. May our Almighty God bless us with favor as we remain faithful. And may we all reap a harvest of joy!

*This picture of our kids is a beautiful picture to me of God’s uncommon kindness.











A Lantern

When we go to the beach, we always find our way to my favorite book store. It is a small shop called The Hidden Lantern. The furniture is comfortable and an art gallery is next door. A great coffee shop is close by too, the perfect combination. The shelves are filled with lots of interesting books and I could spend hours in this small shop. So many pages to turn, so much to learn and ideas to dream. I found a bookmark from that favorite shop recently and the logo caught my idea. It had a simple lantern at the top of course. Contained light, but is light meant to be hidden?

IMG_6793Our oldest daughter has been in Atlanta this week. She is with a group of friends at the huge event called Passion 2020. The ministry exists to encourage this next generation to live for what matters -Jesus. The lineup of godly speakers was amazing and I can only imagine the music! I pray that the words she heard sink deep into her heart and cause her to fall even more in love with Jesus. I pray as she comes home, goes back to school and then prepares for college, that her love for Him continues to grow. I pray that this light, a flame of love that has burned bright, will become even more intense. That His light in her will not be hidden, but shine and impact many. Love has a way of doing that. To remain hidden is perfect for a well known bookstore, but not for the light of Christ.

One of the speakers at Passion, Tim Tebow said, “Could you imagine if 65,000 people said we’re going to count the cost, it doesn’t matter, because we are all in.” This many high school seniors and college kids could make an impact on this world. Homes, schools, churches, cities, states and countries will benefit from this light. I am excited to cheer them on and support in any way we can. I pray that our home is a place for them to learn and grow even brighter with their love for Jesus. We have a lot of love to give.

Just this morning I was in my closet when I heard a bird hitting the window. The light was on and he kept banging his beak against the glass. As soon as I turned the light off, he flew away. Made me think that even birds are drawn to light.

One of my prayers this year is that we are all drawn more to the light Christ offers than the artificial light the world gives. A great way to begin each day is in the Word of God. “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” (Psalm 119:105). I have found this to be a wonderful source of light and I know you will too. Lets lead this generation coming up by setting an example by being known for actually living what the Bible says. Get in the Word yourself and discover who He is and the love He has for you. It will make 2020 a year to remember. The love you find in the pages of scripture will give you what no other source can. You were created by the God who inspired each and every word. He knows how you were made and what will satisfy you. You need the words He has given you.

Start the new year off with the best resolution you will ever make. Love is waiting on each and every page. You won’t have to keep flying to any other source of light once you are filled by love Himself.

“The only possible way to have full understanding of the teachings of Jesus is through the light of the Spirit of God shining inside us.” -Oswald Chambers


*This picture was taken by our daughter. She has a way of capturing light.




Leading up to this new year, messages filled my inbox about a blank canvas, a fresh start, a new page and on and on it went. Resolutions, goals and change for the better speeches were loud. I read about taking time away to dream for the upcoming year and thought that was a nice idea too. However, my heart seemed to sink deeper and deeper into despair. It was a physical feeling, spiritual as well and one that required a fight. In fact, I had a dream a few nights of go where I was swimming to the surface of a deep ocean. The light at the top was very visible and my feet were propelling me upward quickly. I was almost out of air, but I knew to push through and keep kicking to the top. One can wear themselves out if it is your own strength you are kicking your way through life. Such a lie from satan that it all depends on you. I was not buying his lie, but I was very tired.

IMG_6730When you are running low on air, darkness is a very dominate color. Thankfully, this was not a long lived state. Yesterday found me sitting with the Lord and another picture came to mind. One of me sitting in a white room with windows up high. The room was large, the floor a bit cool. I wasn’t afraid, just knew I was safe and right where the Lord would have me. As I sat and thought of what I could see, the absence of color was so cold and dull. All of a sudden, one wall began to have all different colors of paint run down it. It was a bit overwhelming and I told the Lord so. I felt it ok to ask for my favorite color, blue, to run down the wall. Beautiful shades of blue ran down the wall and it was a work of art!

More time spent in prayer and scripture and peace returned. The heaviness lifted with the return of color and air. For some reason, I felt the prompting to read the introduction to my favorite devotional book called New Morning Mercies, by Paul David Tripp. (If you do not have this book, I highly recommend you order it today.) I read words of truth and encouragement and then a line that only the Lord knew I needed. “God’s mercies don’t come in-one color; no, they come in every shade of every color of the rainbow of his grace.” Looking back over the picture He had given me, in light of these words, had my eyes wide and my heart overwhelmed. I had asked for one color, but our Creator wanted to give me so much more. Just before this wonderful sentence, he wrote a list of some of God’s mercies. While you wait for your book to arrive, I will list a few here: “Strengthening mercies, heart-exposing mercies, rescuing mercies, transforming mercies, glory-revealing mercies” and the list goes on. Do you need any of these today? What colors do you want to see the Lord paint on the walls of your heart this upcoming year? He is the Creator of all things in Heaven and on Earth. Each creation intended for His glory. Hand Him your heart today and just see the masterpiece He reveals this year.

Happy New Year, Friends!!

*My artist friend, Megan Skeels, sent me this picture she captured a few days ago.