Sunday Overflow

Today was one of those Sundays in church where I found it hard to stay in my seat. I was holding a sleeping 6 year old, so that kept me in place. However, my heart was soaring with joy from the words that were being spoken by our pastor. Then the music… I am not over that yet either. Words were expressed that have been in my heart for years. The title of the sermon was, “Reaching Out to Serve” and gave a simple explanation for the importance and reason why we serve. Our relationship with Christ should make a difference in our lives and love is the natural response. Serving is just extending the love that Christ has given to us. It becomes a way of life.

IMG_6761The song we ended the service was, “So Will I”, an older song by Hillsong. The lyrics are a declaration of praise to our God. It is so beautiful and filled me with peace. The thing about purpose is it brings you peace. The striving stops and peace floods in when we do what we were made to do – praise God. One of the things I love about Sundays is singing words of praise back to God with a room full of people. Makes me think we are getting a glimpse of heaven. Singing is one way we worship and I like to think it pleases God too.

As I read the words and sang along today, the line that summarized the sermon for me was towards the end.

I can see your heart in everything you’ve done                                                                     Every part designed in a work of art called love                                                                          If you gladly chose surrender so will I                                                                                              I can see your heart                                                                                                                       Eight billion different ways                                                                                                          Every precious one a child you died to save                                                                                  If you gave your life to love them so will I

Did you catch that? Each person we encounter was designed by God, in His image and Christ died for each one of us. He died for the sin of each person in the world, not just the ones who have accepted this act of love. Why would we pass up this gift? Why would we not spend our lives pouring out into other peoples lives, in hopes that they will experience the love of Christ?

When our oldest returned from the Passion Conference, she came home with gifts. She brought me two books and they are so good. One is by John Piper entitled, Don’t Waste Your Life. So much in just the title. I know that my life is not wasted if I acknowledge that I am a sinner, Christ died to pay the debt I could not pay for my sin, and I confess that He is who He says He is. God created us to be in relationship with Him and to live based on this love relationship. There is trust in knowing the extent God went to be in relationship with His creation. I have chosen to trust His faithfulness even when I do not understand. He is God and I am not.

This song strung together this declaration so beautifully. I’ve shared some of it with you, but you need to listen to it for yourself. A precious friend sent me the video from YouTube, so it is easy to track down there. When I watched the video, another line stuck out to me.

God of salvation You chased down my heart                                                                     Through all of my failure and pride

He loves us so much and pursues us even despite of all our sin. Who would want to remain separated from this kind of forgiveness and extravagant grace? Your life is not meant to be wasted and one way to ensure it is not is by serving with the love you have met in Jesus. He will give you what you need and it can be quite exciting!

So, as the week begins, look for ways to share this love that lives inside of you. Praise God with your life and do what you were created to do!





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