“We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making His appeal through us. We implore you on Christ’s behalf: Be reconciled to God.”                           2 Corinthians 5:20

This is the verse that came to mind after writing yesterday. This is why our words, actions, whether or not we listen, our responses – all of it matters. We are a representation of Christ. He has entrusted us with His Holy Spirit that empowers us to represent Him well. I think about that so often with our children. Will I help or hurt their impression of who God is by the way I parent? My obedience to Him shapes who they believe God to be. It is not something I fear, but a privilege. It is so much easier when I choose His power over my own.

IMG_6877This role as an ambassador does not stop at home, but is a role we take with us everywhere we go. We carry with us the light of Christ. Will others notice something different about us or will we blend in?  Do we stand out because of our love for others or love of self? Do we set an example others want to follow? If they find out we are Christians, are they surprised in a good or bad way? Do we come across as being against so much and for so little? There is no freedom like the freedom found in Christ, but does that shine?

These are questions I am asking myself. These thoughts concern me because I do not always do a great job of being an ambassador for Christ. I get impatient, expect grace, but do not always extend it and the list could go on. The fact that God can use me is remarkable, but will He? How I behave does not change who He is, but it can give others a misrepresentation of His character. We are given this one life, in this time period, in this location and we need to use it well as ambassadors. You have influence over others and they can see Him or they can see you. Which will it be? Let’s be people who make much of Him and little of ourselves. Little about our agendas and much about the reconciliation Christ offers. Eternity is at stake friends.

*Eli took this picture of me yesterday with the lightbulb;)

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