Leading up to this new year, messages filled my inbox about a blank canvas, a fresh start, a new page and on and on it went. Resolutions, goals and change for the better speeches were loud. I read about taking time away to dream for the upcoming year and thought that was a nice idea too. However, my heart seemed to sink deeper and deeper into despair. It was a physical feeling, spiritual as well and one that required a fight. In fact, I had a dream a few nights of go where I was swimming to the surface of a deep ocean. The light at the top was very visible and my feet were propelling me upward quickly. I was almost out of air, but I knew to push through and keep kicking to the top. One can wear themselves out if it is your own strength you are kicking your way through life. Such a lie from satan that it all depends on you. I was not buying his lie, but I was very tired.

IMG_6730When you are running low on air, darkness is a very dominate color. Thankfully, this was not a long lived state. Yesterday found me sitting with the Lord and another picture came to mind. One of me sitting in a white room with windows up high. The room was large, the floor a bit cool. I wasn’t afraid, just knew I was safe and right where the Lord would have me. As I sat and thought of what I could see, the absence of color was so cold and dull. All of a sudden, one wall began to have all different colors of paint run down it. It was a bit overwhelming and I told the Lord so. I felt it ok to ask for my favorite color, blue, to run down the wall. Beautiful shades of blue ran down the wall and it was a work of art!

More time spent in prayer and scripture and peace returned. The heaviness lifted with the return of color and air. For some reason, I felt the prompting to read the introduction to my favorite devotional book called New Morning Mercies, by Paul David Tripp. (If you do not have this book, I highly recommend you order it today.) I read words of truth and encouragement and then a line that only the Lord knew I needed. “God’s mercies don’t come in-one color; no, they come in every shade of every color of the rainbow of his grace.” Looking back over the picture He had given me, in light of these words, had my eyes wide and my heart overwhelmed. I had asked for one color, but our Creator wanted to give me so much more. Just before this wonderful sentence, he wrote a list of some of God’s mercies. While you wait for your book to arrive, I will list a few here: “Strengthening mercies, heart-exposing mercies, rescuing mercies, transforming mercies, glory-revealing mercies” and the list goes on. Do you need any of these today? What colors do you want to see the Lord paint on the walls of your heart this upcoming year? He is the Creator of all things in Heaven and on Earth. Each creation intended for His glory. Hand Him your heart today and just see the masterpiece He reveals this year.

Happy New Year, Friends!!

*My artist friend, Megan Skeels, sent me this picture she captured a few days ago.















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