The Longest Day

I am in the midst of the longest day of the year. The time between dropping the kids off on their first day of school and the hours until pick up, seem to go so slow. The minutes tick by, as I wait to see their faces right out of the school doors. It is that first expression that tells me everything. All the details will follow and I love to listen. Some of the kids give more than others, but I know them well and can hear what is not said. Who did they sit by at lunch? Did they actually get a locker this year? Did you find a good parking place? How was athletics? Did you make new friends? These questions and a million more are just waiting to be asked.

IMG_8975My heart and head have a difficult time trusting the Lord completely today. Yes, they are completely His and He has all their days planned, even today. I just have not read all these plans and my heart and head are being asked to trust Him. So the question that I ask Him today is, “Are you trustworthy”? Another one that comes to mind is, “Do you really love my children as much as I do”? Guess what I get as the answer? Right away my mind flashes a picture of Jesus dying on the cross. Words do not need to be spoken here, I know Him well. This picture is very familiar to me. Because when I catch a glimpse of the cross, I see just how much He loves me and my children.

Days may not go as planned or they might exceed my dreams, but with each one I know He is trustworthy. Today I will repeat Psalm 56:4 that says, “In God, whose word I praise, in God I trust; I shall not be afraid. What can flesh do to me?” The teacher that is difficult or the kid that seems to have it out for one of my kids is not to be feared. Our trust will be placed in God today. And as Eli reminded me the other day, “we need to have shields of confidence and confidence is trust”. That kid had his shield firmly in place as he walked into kindergarten today! I will keep mine in place too and go do some laundry to pass the time.

*The picture is Vivian making Eli’s lunch for him:)


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