Truth Be Told

Our church is doing a series of sermons based on the Old Testament book of Malachi. We looked at chapter 2, verses 10-16. The sermon is entitled, “With This Ring” and it is probably the best I have ever heard on marriage and divorce. Our pastor spoke truth, with boldness and cast light into the lies of darkness. He gave hope, direction and the way of grace, all taken from God’s Word. You can watch it at  I am certain there will be those who get upset. Truth has a way of doing that to people who have lived believing a lie for so long. When will we learn that we have been told what is best for us by God? When will we stop making up our version of right and wrong? It did not go well for the people in the scriptures and it is not going well for us today.

IMG_9486I look at all that is going on in our country alone and think truth needs to be shouted from the rooftops! However, the shouts would probably be drowned out by all the protests. So much is being shouted. When will voices give up and grow hoarse from all the demanding that sin should be accepted? I wonder if anyone has ever changed their mind because they heard shouts of protest? Has anyone ever thought that murdering a child is wrong, but heard “you have a right to your own body” and changed their mind? Did they hear a way out in that loud voice, but what about the consequences? Shouldn’t they be told too? Honestly, is it your heart you are stopping? Then please tell me, is this really your body then? What about marriage? What does God say and what is SOME of our country shouting? It is heartbreaking to see the blatant disregard for what God created in both cases.

I am not sure what has gotten into me, but the boldness I witnessed today encouraged me to speak truth. I have this little space and it is and will continue to be a place where God’s word is lifted up as the final authority on truth. Some might be offended and that is a risk, but the consequences of not telling the truth are too great. When you know what true life now and for eternity is, how can we stand on the sidelines and do nothing? So, I will stand here, at home, at the grocery store, at the kids school, church and where ever my two feet take me, pointing others to the source and author of truth. This will require me to stop and think a bit more about the words that come out of my mouth. I have a terrible habit of speaking and then thinking. Not sure what happened to the quiet girl I was up until 9th grade, but I sure would like a bit of her back. Seems like truth would better be heard that way.

So, can I ask you what are you proclaiming today? Is it your “truth”, God’s truth or cries of pain, fear or anger that have found a place in protest to support sin? The state of our country is terrible, but how can we expect change if we remain blinded? We can choose to open our Bible, pray and ask the Lord to search our heart. The crazy thing is He already knows what is in there. Nothing is hidden from Him. The best news is that He loves you despite all of it and died for you anyways. Now that is worth putting on a sign and shouting about!!!






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