“What a person desires is unfailing love…” Proverbs 19:22

I read this verse a few mornings ago out of a devotional book by Beth Moore. I pondered these few words for quite sometime. Such a short, simple statement of truth, but it holds so much explanation and questions too. When was the last time you sat down and thought about the things you desire? I have often found that in hard times, to even think about desires is painful. Will I be disappointed again? What if my desire is not sinful, but did not get met? What if in fact, the very opposite happened? Have you been there too? Are you there now? It is hard to not lose hope.

IMG_0619Here is the thing, unfailing love is only found in One place. If every person desires unfailing love, regardless of race, male, female, age, single, married, divorced, widow, saved or unsaved, why are we not running to the Source? I wonder if it goes back to the loss of hope and disappoints that seem to be never ending?

If I look back to my high school and college years, I see a girl who desired to be a wife and a mom so bad, that I could barely focus on school. For as far back as I can remember, what I am doing right now, is all I have truly ever wanted to do. Now that this desire is a reality, what would happen if I placed this desire to be loved with an unfailing love on my family? My husband would have an unrealistic pressure placed on him and my kids would never feel like they were enough in my eyes. Sounds to me like the makings of a home based on how I was feeling at the moment. Feeling like I was loved with a God like love? Happy, peaceful wife and mom. Feeling unloved? Misery and chaos to all in my path.

What about this, we do not have to look far to see this desire of unfailing love trying to be met by a list of substitutes. Drugs, sex trafficking, alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancy, total gender confusion, homosexuality, debt and the list could go on and on. So many things that appear to offer unfailing love or at least numb the unmet desire, even for a short amount of time. What do we do when we are caught in the web of consequences these substitutes require us to eventually pay? Do we just keep going because to actually repent and turn from our sin could not be possible, could it? Could the God who created each of us, actually forgive each one of us? He might have sent His Son to die for others, but did He send Him to die for me? The answer is YES!!!

The choice is up to us. Keep running to things that will not satisfy and play it off as acceptance, open mindedness, our right, love and freedom. Heck, get a lot of people to join in your sin view and now you are justified. Make some t-shirts, dress alike, form clubs, get some laws passed and liberation surely will follow. Oh what a lie satan would have us believe! We have let him blind us long enough! It is time to wake up! Just because a group of people keep getting louder and push sin, does not change the unchangeable Word of God! Sin is still sin!

Our entire world is suffering because of the choices we make to meet our desire of unfailing love. When we face this reality and run to the creator of unfailing love, your heart is forever changed, not to mention your eternity. How about we put down the imitation and choose a treasure that is true love today? It is not too late. Maybe today could be your Valentines Day. He has given us a love letter, called the Bible, that will make life more exciting than you ever imagined and you will know a love that at times is unexplainable. This I will spend my life declaring over and over. Unfailing love is yours for the accepting today! Hope in His unfailing love and truly live.

“If you declare with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”






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