They Ask

All that the Father gives Me will come to Me, and the one who comes to Me I will by no means cast out.” John 6:37        

One of my favorite things to witness is our kids asking their dad for something. It seems someone is always in need of help and so they ask without hesitation. Yes, they ask for material things too, but they ask for him to intervene into a situations that they cannot do on their own. I watch as he patiently comes alongside of them and helps. Be it a math problem, a rubix’s cube or something that is troubling them, he desires to do all he can for them. He does not make them feel small, immature or silly for asking. He does not judge their need, but responds to them out of his love. They each have a sense of belonging and they trust him. I daily watch a quiet confidence grow in each of them. They are secure in their earthly father’s love. What a gift of acceptance they have been given!

IMG_3606This gift of fatherly acceptance is missing in our world today, in my opinion. The need to be independent as quickly as possible seems to rise to the top of parenting goals. This is not a statement made in condemnation, just a heartbreaking observation. The struggle between doing too much or too little for our children is real. If they do not learn responsibility, how will they ever flourish as adults? If we keep them dependent of us in every way, we will cripple them. It’s like we want them to fit on our hip and be carried forever. The image that creates in my head is quite funny! My desire is to show them, while they are growing up, what the love of their Heavenly Father looks like and then point them to Him to meet their needs. It is more of a transfer of dependence. However, I pray He continues to use us to bless them.

With this belonging, trust, acceptance and love, I see my kids not asking others or things to give them temporary worth. Now, we are far from a perfect family and we each have our struggles. One tends to be a slower learner of love and gets drawn into the lie of material things as a worth-giver. I was so much like this child for far too long. A bigger house, nicer car, more expensive clothes, better skin, hair, health – the list could go on, will not matter in Heaven. These things are nice and can be enjoyed, but if they become our measure of worth, we are in trouble. They are temporary treasures that can be gone in a minute. Building our lives on these things reminds me of the one who built his home on a foundation of sand. The wise man built his home on a rock foundation. We are smart to do the same.

It has been my experience that for so long I built my life on sand with just a bit of Jesus for support. Then the winds came and my nicely built “house” was knocked down. This has been the most loving thing God could have done for me, His child. In His fatherly way, He has come alongside me, placed my heart upon the rock of His love and is in the process of rebuilding me. The building takes time and there are hard days. I daily ask for His plans and for His help. He is my Father and I trust Him. I have come to know full acceptance and I run to Him now. In fact, I want to be more and more like Him each day. I belong to Him and His Word assures me that He will not cast me out. So, I bring Him my needs big and small, and surrender my needs. And just like my husband responds to our kids, I know God will do the same and more for each of us. He is a Good Father!





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