A Stormy Morning

“Greater than the roar of a huge torrent- the mighty breakers of the sea-the Lord on high is majestic.” (Psalm 93:4)


Oh, what a morning we had! I will start off by saying that our family has routines in place and they work for us. To get everyone out the door, on time and filled with truth, takes planning. We planned and nothing went according to plan. Scripture went unread around the table, breakfast was uneatable, hair was not cooperating and a storm was coming outside. The storm hit inside first. There were angry words flashing like lightening and chaos like only a good storm can swirl up. A wonderful way to start the day, don’t you think? How can one walk inside of a school, carrying the whirlwind of the morning and expect to learn, much less listen and behave?

IMG_4733As I drove the two lane road to school, the kids counted lighting strikes. Since we hadn’t read, I asked them to tell us stories from the Bible they remembered and our space was filled with the remembrance of truth. Then one prayed for us all. As the storm picked up outside, the storm inside calmed. I told them that when they got home, instead of the punishment they deserved, they would receive grace. I told them how much I loved them and because of this love, grace is what they received. My were they thankful! I dropped off kids that were ready to start their day.

I drove home thankful and reflective. The storm rages even now, but I am safe inside. It made me think of things that come into our lives that are hard. We feel tossed about and unable to find a place of safety. Rest and peace are a mere dream. However, another thought that has been stirring since yesterday came quickly. This picture of fighting back, charging into the battle or storm. Regardless of the conditions and weather, we have this ever present help living inside and outside of us. The maker and allower of the storm has given us the Holy Spirit as our internal helper. God Himself is well aware of us, His child and grace is ours for the taking. His Word awaits all who would open it and find truth to anchor in the midst of chaos. It makes all the difference.

Friend, I do not know your storm, but I do know our God. I am very aware of the enemy, who would love nothing more for you to stay out in the rain, helpless as can be in your own strength. The thing is, regardless of which you choose, the storm is still here. Rain pours, thunder booms and lightening flashes. What will it be? “As for me and my house, we will worship the LORD.” (Joshua 24:5). 


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