An Unexpected Note

“If we had but an inkling of the measure of divine love and of the depths of divine mercy and of the patience of divine faithfulness, we would never despair or become discouraged.” -M. Martyria Madauss

This quote was written on a card that was tucked inside a book I picked up at a retreat. The book was not used, but somehow had a note inside. It was an unexpected gift. Inside the note was a precious birthday message dating back all the way to 1976! And inside the note was another small card that said, “Consider yourself an unprofitable servant; then God can use you as His instrument.” These kind of unexpected gifts have filled the month of October. While God Himself did not write the note, He allowed me to pick up this book. I do not believe in coincidence for that would make God very small and life extremely boring.

IMG_4753Some weeks back I was looking for a worship song and in my search heard an incredible line. It has stuck with me ever since and become a prayer. What was spoken was, “Lord, I’ll be your trumpet.”  Pick up your Bible and you will be amazed at the number of times a trumpet is mentioned. It seems I come across a new one almost daily – another unexpected gift. One common theme I have found is it was an instrument played with a purpose. It was a form of communication. However, a trumpet without a player is just a nice instrument. While it may shine, its purpose is not reached until it is picked up and air breathed into the mouthpiece. This very much reminded me of the work God does in us. Once you allow Him to pick you up and “breathe” life into you, purpose follows.

I know full well that the Lord can do all things without this little trumpet. He is God and I am not. He loves me enough to write a part in His symphony just for me. Sometimes I remain silent and other times I get to play, both are a privilege. Trying to even grasp this is too much. I will continue to trust His love, mercy, patience and faithfulness. With this truth in my heart, discouragement and despair flee. This was such a wonderful reminder from this unexpected card and I am thankful. I pray you are encouraged and feel like you just discovered a precious, timely note too. I pray you also find what part the Lord would have for you to play. He has plans for you and I just know they sound amazing.

*The picture is another unexpected note on our driveway.











What causes you to become discouraged or despair?


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