Keeping Peace

“You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.” Isaiah 26:3

We are barely into December and there have already been so many opportunities to take the Lord up on His promise of peace. I must do my part and keep my eyes, heart and mind focused on the One I trust. Having scripture verses ready helps and so does remembering. Another way is to just tell the Lord what is on my mind. I have found Him to be the best listener. Often times He whispers back something that only my heart can hear. It might be a bit of correction that will lead to repentance or it might be a loving word. This I know and is always what I need for peace.

IMG_6302We dove into the month, which is one of my favorites, having just celebrated Thanksgiving. It was good and restful. We then celebrated our youngest turning 6 years old and were reminded of the blessing she is to our family. When I picture her, I often think of her twirling. She is the most graceful little person I have ever known. Her beauty was evident literally from the minute she was born. She is very much full of life and brilliance. One of the things she recently said, that brought tears to my eyes, was the answer to a very important question. I asked, “Why do you love Jesus?” Right away she said, “Because He loves me”. Simple but life changing words. She never complicates truth and this is a gift.

The day after celebrating, we were given the most amazing gift. Some friends opened their beautiful home up for a silent retreat in preparation for this Christmas season. It was a wonderful morning and I am still processing all that was whispered. As I sat in a precious little room and wrote the date at the top of my journal page, a wave of remembrance crashed over me. Two years ago on that same morning, we learned that the little baby that was to become part of our family, had died. I sat for a minute not knowing where my heart would land. Then peace calmed the waves and I thought of all the Lord has done in the mending of me since then. Thanksgiving was my response. Only a God of peace can make this happen.

On the same day, we received some other news that tested the peace that we had earlier taken hold of. Would we panic or trust? We decided to trust and peace returned. During all of this, our sweet dog of 10 years started not acting like himself. Three vets could not figure out what was wrong. Then last night he took a turn and died. Another loss and there were many tears. As the news was setting in, one of the kids responded with words of faith. He said, “We need to pray for Jesus to bring him back to life.” I love that kind of childlike faith! I pray we all have more of that. While the answer was not life for our dog, it was an opportunity to trust Him and ask for His peace and comfort. I have never found our Lord to withhold either.

Read with me this amazing verse. “For to us a child is born, to us a Son is given, and the government will be on His shoulders. And He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:6. Who Jesus is to us, was planned before He was even sent to earth. God knew we would need a counselor, a father and a prince of peace. We would also be given a glimpse of our Mighty God in the form of the Son of Man. He knew that the weight of government would need more than mans shoulders, so He placed in on Him. Never doubt who God puts in office, for He is in complete control. Pray for those He has placed there. Also as you pray, ask for what you need this season too. Is it peace, a father, counselor or maybe God to be God? For me, I love the picture that comes to mind when we read “Prince of Peace”. A royal robe, a crown and radiance that lights up the darkness, fills my imagination.

As we go through this season that holds so many feelings and memories, remember who He is and what we have been given in Him. I am praying that peace, joy, strength, comfort, wonder, excitement, anticipation and overwhelming love flood your hearts and overflow to everyone you encounter. May this be a Christmas season to remember!


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