He Stays Awake

“…the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.” Psalm 121:8


As the kids get older, their schedules change. Their days get a bit longer and they stay out later. The season of early bedtimes are gone and therefore requires us to change our patterns. I have tried and cannot seem to become a night owl. Thankfully, I happened to have married a man who can get up early and stay up late. When one of the kids stays out past my bedtime, he remains awake. He waits for them to come home at the agreed upon time. He meets them at the door to make sure the lights are on and to hear how their outing went. If it isn’t too late, they will make a beeline to our room and I get to hear a rundown of the night as my eyes are usually closing. I like that and know it will be one of the million little things I miss as they each leave.

IMG_4944I was thinking about this the other day and what a picture it is of God. How He is always awake, ever watching over us and it brought such peace. The example I see each and everyday of the loving father these kids have, floods my heart with gratitude. He waits up because he loves them. He asks questions, listens, helps, is available, goes out of his way to show them they are loved, wants to spend time with them and it is remarkable. I am in no way putting him on a high place and idolizing him, for that throne is reserved for God and God alone. No person belongs there, for they will fail. However, I am saying that this shows our kids a glimpse of their Heavenly Father.

When I think on the living God watching over me because He is never asleep or distracted, it reminds me that I am loved. It reminds me that He has my life fully under His control and I can rest. I can trust Him to always be available and His help is perfect for my need. Sometimes it feels like He has fallen asleep because I do not see anything changing, but that is not the truth. Funny how feelings and truth can get tangled up in my heart. When that happens, my thoughts and words follow suit and it is a mess. Even still, He waits with the light of His Word shining bright and welcomes me home into His presence. How can I not love Him?

As the kids continue to grow up, I pray they remember, not only does their earthly father love them no matter what, but that their Heavenly Father will never stop loving them either. The teacher of the class I took last week really drove that truth home too. One look at the Bible in its entirety takes that option of God ending His love for us off the table. I am so thankful and goodness, this sure makes me love Him even more. And as far as parenting goes, I have found this to be a wonderful truth as well. Kids respond so well to unconditional love.


*Picture was taken years ago on Father’s Day. I think we need to do this again!

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