Our Door

The Lord uses my kids often to teach me things. They say and do things in such a pure and honest way, that I do not have to wonder about their motives. While not perfect, there is an innocence about each of them that is precious and to be guarded. I think that is one of the reasons I am enjoying this quarantine time. More time can be spent in building up their spiritual armor. More time can be spent hearing, learning and talking about truth. The more that sinks into their hearts now will act as a guard when the enemy comes knocking.

2D492ACB-68D1-4744-9C75-00F64A3D6ED6One morning our youngest daughter was playing with her Barbie Dream House. I was close by, putting my makeup on and she loudly told me there was an ant in her house. This did not go well and she took care of the invader immediately. She played a little more and then asked if she could borrow my label marker. I had no idea what she was doing, but later found out. She printed out our last name and placed it on the front door. Just in case another ant happened by, they would clearly see whose home this belonged too.

As silly as this might sound, this made me think of Passover. Each home was clearly identified and they were passed over. Each home that was marked was safe from the plague. This had to be the worst one of all because this one struck down the firstborn  of both people and animals (see Exodus 12:12). Can you imagine when morning came and the broken hearts of the Egyptians? I wonder if this fueled their pursuit later on when Pharaoh changed his mind and wanted the Israelites to return (see Exodus 14)?

The good news is that as followers of Christ, we know to whom we belong. This makes this day and the significance of this week a mix of emotions. On one hand, we are so grateful for what Christ did for us. On the other hand, the separation and cost is too much for us to even grasp. With the slowing down of our days and many of our doors closed, we can spend more time reflecting and being thankful. May this Holy Week be one to remember.


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