We celebrated Good Friday yesterday and tomorrow will be Easter, but today is a day of waiting. Have you ever thought about what you would have done some 2,000 years ago, when the reason for our celebration died? I spent some time walking through it in my mind and heart. The first day had me at the cross, barely able to move past the eyes of Christ. Tears would have continued all day and would not have stopped when they took Him down off of the cross. I probably would have gone home, exhausted and with so many questions. I pray I would have then gotten quiet enough to remember His words of rising again on the third day.

90741860-C5B6-4FF8-96A6-A52F1545779EOn Saturday I would have gone and sat as close to the tomb as allowed, watching the stone. Maybe I would have engaged the guards in conversation and told them about the life of the One they now guarded. I would have wanted to know if they had ever guarded a tomb before? The waiting would have gone on all day and at night I would have gone home, but returned early the next morning; perhaps catching a glimpse of the stone rolled away and later sweet Mary looking in. To have seen Mary might mean a chance at seeing the resurrected Jesus. She did not even recognize Him until He said her name. Can you even imagine?

Waiting is not easy for most, but there is an appreciation that comes when it is over. To have resurrection come a second earlier, might have not made the moment as sweet. Reminds me of fruit picked too soon, it needed more time. Our family experienced a moment today that we have been praying for now for almost two years. You better believe it was incredible and a day we marked down in our thankful journal. This has been a lesson of God’s faithfulness and hope to keep praying, even when “Saturday” seems to stretch out year after year. Another reminder that He is always in control and His timing is perfect.

Keeping waiting…Sunday is coming!

2 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Yes how true. Friday was GOD’s FRIDAY!!!! Now Saturday is silent, waiting…you are right SUNDAY is coming, RESURRECTION DAY!!!!!!!! Our SAVIOR is risen!!!!

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