“We landed at Tyre, where our ship was to unload its cargo.” Acts 21:3

Before the virus came, you would find me sitting in one of my favorite homes, surrounded by precious woman, studying the Bible and praying together. We have been going through the book of Acts and we picked back up this morning. We happened to be on the twenty first chapter. We were to read it this morning and then share what stuck out to us during our group meeting. Can I just say how good it is to see sweet faces on my computer screen that I have dearly missed? I miss people. I miss talking to strangers and just interacting with people in general.  I wonder if cashiers will find it odd that I hug them when stores reopen? It will be a happy day!

12FF6FDF-3854-4D4A-966A-D8DF1712CF7FNow back to Bible study. Before I studied our chapter, I read an email that talked about the importance of dropping our “sandbags” into the water, if we are going to sail into the new things the Lord has planned for us. I do not know what yours are and mine might be different than yours. There is not blame here, so please do not misunderstand. For me, sandbags are my own baggage that needs to be dealt with that is not related to anyone else. So often I have found myself letting things go and then diving back in to pile them back up in the boat. A reminder triggers something and instead of “taking every thought captive “ or “thinking on what is true”, the familiar sandbags get inspected again. The problem is your boat gets weighed down and you begin to sink. Perhaps you never even leave the dock.

Fast forward to when I read Acts 21 and Paul is sailing towards Jerusalem. One of the ladies in our study pointed out that Paul stayed on a straight course (vs. 1). He never ventured off from the destination the Lord had set for him to spread the gospel. He was so closely tied in relationship with Christ, that he was able to hear the Holy Spirit well. His response was obedience, even when it meant suffering. In fact, Paul makes an incredible statement is verse 14, “The Lord’s will be done.” His trust is such a powerful witness to us today.

With all the cancellations and closed doors, maybe you have had time to re-examine your sandbags or cargo. Maybe you have felt the weight and know it is time to let it go. I have a feeling that even before we are allowed out again, the Lord is going to set many people free, lighten our boats. In fact, I am praying so and look forward to seeing you out on the seas towards Home.


*I took this picture in college while taking a photography class. Being in the dark room was one of my favorite things, just waiting to see how the image would turn out. I started seeing everything framed as a picture during that class. That concept will have to wait for another day.

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