A Song to Sing

”Yet, the soul, stayed on God, may sing bravely its psalm, for the heart of the storm is the center of calm.” L.B. Cowman

This line was written in a book we read daily, Streams in the Desert. It is an excellent devotional book that is full of scripture and words that challenge your heart. This particular line stuck out to me for several reasons, but one that is common to us all right now. It feels like we are all in the middle of a disruptive storm with the Coronavirus swirling around the world. Yet there is calm to be found in the midst of the storm. There is only one way and that is keeping our focus not on what we can see, but on Him. This is an act of faith, not a denial of reality.

2CF52D8D-3922-4CD1-92B1-23400C4651E2The words we speak, think and type often feel like a song to me that reflects our hearts. When our focus is in the proper place, we find we can actually sing bravely, calmly and with joy. Might you need a new song today? Perhaps your song has sounded a bit fearful, critical or wavered. I know this has been true of me at times. When I have lost focus, my song changes dramatically. The song we sing though out the day affects everyone we come in contact with. We could all use some uplifting music right about now. Will you join in and be a voice that redirects our gaze?


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