A Story

I have this little girl who finds her way to me every morning. She’s still small enough to curl up tight with me in my chair. We talked yesterday about how she would one day be much too big for me to hold. She assured me this would never happen. It’s not just morning times she comes, but all through out the day. She comes up beside me, gets real close and whispers she loves me for no reason at all. I see her coming and it just makes me smile. I like the way she calls me mama too.

A523EE3A-D98B-406B-A8B8-97750574E40EThis morning when her sleepy eyes met mine, she asked for me to give her a story, not to read one like we usually do. What an interesting request, but it sure made my mind race. I would like nothing better than to give this child a story to read on real pages. Perhaps one day I will, but in the meantime I will keep telling her the story already written by her Creator. If she knows this story, she can trust Him with the one He has scripted for her before she was even born.

Maybe we are all a bit lost in our own stories right about now. We did not see this page or chapter coming and it is hard to make sense of it all. What will we do? Will we fuss and complain the days away or will we take some time to hear from our Creator, the Author of our story? I like the example we see with the woman who met Jesus at the well. After she spends sometime with Jesus talking, she goes back to her village and gives the best invitation. “Come see a man who knew about the things I did, who knows me inside and out.” (John 4:29 MSG). Because of her visit with Jesus and the invitation she extended, “many of the Samaritan’s from that village committed themselves to him because of the woman’s witness.”(vs 39). This woman with an interesting story, that actually included 5 husbands and who was currently living with another man, found Him to be the One she could not live without.

This woman had no idea when she went to get water that day that she would meet Jesus sitting by the well. The best part is He knew. He knew her story from before men were ever a thought in her mind as a source of fulfillment. And He choose this moment to interrupt her endless search in exchange for Living Water. She could have chosen to keep tasting that which would never truly quench the thirst of her heart, but she did not. And she did what those of us who have met Him can’t help but do, we tell everyone!

So maybe as the day winds down or you watch the sunrise, you might take a few minutes to consider the invitation He offers you. He knows your story and can hardly wait to give you real meaning, purpose and love like you have never known. The hard pages, He asks you to trust Him and it is only possible when you see His heart. And if they seem to painful, take a look at the cross. This is the price He paid for our sin; and not only the sins we have committed, but the sins committed against us. So, come to Him and let Him give you your story. I have a feeling you will make Him smile too.

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