Crushing Acorns

Walking with my child today, who is closest to the ground, was time well spent. She made up a new game where she would stomp on acorns. If there were not enough in her path, she would venture off to collect more to stomp. With each one she crushed, I felt a bit of sadness. I recognize this might be odd, but it was because the acorn could have become a tree. If the acorn had been left intact, it would not have taken much for it to grow into a mighty oak one day.

85F79D94-4B45-49F7-8635-3B3141A16C63To grow, this little acorn would first split and a root would then have emerged, anchoring it to the soil. I do not know much at all about plants and trees, but I am learning. In fact, I met a very interesting lady today who is a horticulturist. She had a fascinating story and I cannot wait to visit her again. Her dream began when she was six years old with the seed of a story planted into her heart. In the few short minutes we spent at her side of the road business, I gained a new friend. I plan on taking my six year old to meet her and learn more about growing things.

One seed, one acorn is all it seems to take for good and bad to take root. May we each be mindful of what we are planting during these quarantine days; being mindful where we step as to not crush what could be. May we be ones that cultivate instead and watch even some new things grow.



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