What Matters Most

“Now the goal of our instruction is love that comes from a pure heart, a good conscience and a sincere faith.” 1 Timothy 1:5

Report cards arrived in the mail today and we took time to look over each one. A younger child was a bit upset because he thought he had received a bill from school. The concept of grades was lost on him. The older ones were eager to see the outcome and we were all glad the year was over.

D1D5E84C-6631-4D88-86DB-76A62C811016One sweet girl is struggling with not feeling like she is good at anything. Athletics is not her strength and nothing is measurable. Her grades were just fine, but her worth seems to be tangled up in the unknown. I asked her what she thought I cared the most about on her report card. It was the teacher comment regarding her character. This child loves well, is kind, a great leader, full of grace, discerning, fun and growing in her faith. How do you put that on a report card or make a team with these heart characteristics?

We talked about how the Lord has been teaching me the importance of the small, unseen things. Maybe we could call it the school of humility and I am in kindergarten. This is what will last well past the time of report cards and carry into eternity. The humility of Christ is our example and can be passed down through generations, making for a wise investment of our hearts now. Maybe if we all enroll this country might be turned around. Seeing everyone as human, worthy of hearing, serving and loving could go along way in our training. Are you ready to enroll? I’ll save you a seat beside me and share my snack if you like.

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