“No, the only tired I was, was tired of giving in.” Rosa Parks

Some years ago one of the boys was reading a book about the life of Rosa Parks. We had some great conversations during that time. I have always liked this lady of courage that refused to give up her seat. The shouts of our day had me thinking about her this morning. I did a little research and connected her brave stance to one that we can apply anytime.

A4073BF9-F856-4AAE-8B3D-C0E3D8CFF217When chaos and unrest come at us from every side, we can refuse to give up our peace. When fear roars we can refuse to give in and stand firm in faith. When pride rears it’s ugly head, we can refuse our old ways and choose humility. When conversations are convicting, refuse to argue and listen instead, repent if necessary. When being silent about sin would be safer, refuse and speak up. When hopelessness tempts you to give in and stop trying, refuse and keep going another day. May we live with the determination to refuse to give in to the enemy.

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