A Father’s Gift

“The cross is the most beautiful gift we can give our children.” Ravi Zacharias

Today we celebrate the father’s in our lives. We give them cards and gifts, try to make them feel special. It was fun to watch my husband open homemade things and gifts bought with the kids own money. A kite made out of construction paper was just as valuable as a watch from a newly working son today. All brought tears to my eyes. Generosity tends to do that.

C20D7476-88C7-4A8E-B634-4463451B3BFDWhen I remember my days of being the age of the kite maker and think about my own dad, one important memory sticks out. He always made sure we had the opportunity to hear the gospel, to hear truth. We grew up in church and that is something I often have taken for granted. My dad gave my sister and I the chance to hear about the gift of the cross. Thanks dad, I am passing it on.

Now as I watch my husband be a father, I see how his dad did the same thing. The gift of the cross was presented. Both of us have well understood that it is up to us to accept the gift. He presents our kids with the same gift and almost all of them have said yes. They know the eternal decision of the cross. They also see the daily impact it has on us as well. This is the legacy that matters and I am thankful. It is a good day to remember and be grateful.

Happy Father’s Day!


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