The Ministry of Us

“But if you can do anything, have compassion on us and help us.” Mark 9:22

There is so much about this verse that I love. A father comes to Jesus on behalf of his son who was in need of healing. They had gone first to the disciples, but nothing changed. Jesus says to this father, “bring him to me.” (9:19). Can you hear the same words spoken to you as an invitation regarding someone you love?

75CEE877-DA1B-4134-8988-B4F2E106FEB8This precious, desperate father used the word “us” when he was asking for compassion and help. Such love he had for his child. He did not separate himself from his child, but stayed connected and brought him to Jesus. I wonder how he learned the heart deep lesson in compassion?

As a parent and friend, we all have many opportunities to bring others to Jesus. Nothing else is working, human wisdom has failed, we have lost hope of seeing a change… “bring him to me”. Nothing is impossible with Jesus, nothing. What an incredible purpose we can give our time too. He is the true source of healing and His compassion is made evident on the cross. Who will you bring today by prayer or invitation today?

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