“Encouragement is oxygen for the discouraged soul.” Jennifer Rothschild

The most amazing thing happened while we were in Colorado, my lungs expanded. I am not medically minded at all, so I had to google this to make sure what I felt had indeed happened. The increased elevation required more than I had and my body adapted. Since we have come down from the mountains, I have practiced breathing deep because I do not want to lose what was gained.

C39A9371-7FF5-48EC-B287-3E723198835DAnytime we go through things that require more from us than we have, the Lord can use it for good and glory. Sometimes what feels like a never ending climb up a mountain, can serve as an instrument to shape us more into His image. In His likeness we are better equipped to walk beside others who are starting their own mountain experience or are in a really discouraging place. With our increased capacity, we have extra oxygen to share, to encourage if we are willing. Pretty soon encouraging will come as naturally as breathing. What a beautiful way to live, friends.



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