“Praise Jesus for a house that’s worn because it’s been hospitable.” Paul Tripp

Paul Tripp posted a short video that I caught today addressing hospitality and it was excellent! He reminded the viewer to see our homes with an eternal perspective. I know I get caught up on what others will think when they walk into our home. Will our home pass some imaginary test of being found worthy and therefore seeing our family as worthy? It is impossible to pass and has nothing to do with eternity. What will matter is how people were made to feel loved and the truth that was lived within our walls.

E7269579-92F1-4F5F-BFB7-FCB97532C46ETripp gave the reminder that hospitality “targets a deep desire in the heart of every human being.” Everyone wants to be welcomed, known, to be loved and to belong. Our homes can be a great place for us to share the heart of Jesus just by how we treat all who come through the door. Granted right now we are not inviting many people in, but we can be practicing for when the day comes. Sometimes the people that sit at our table everyday need to be shown hospitality first before we ever swing wide our front door.

May we all have much to praise Jesus for during these days and beyond.

2 thoughts on “Hospitality

  1. Hey Natalie, thanks!!!!! Your comments are great and very thoughtful ,💭 provoking and make absolutely good sense. Thanks again for sharing. Doug

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