Who is Listening

“But at midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the prisoners were listening to them.” Acts 16:25

The older I get the earlier I go to bed. I have not seen the midnight hour in quite sometime, but this was not the case with Paul and Silas. They had been lashed, thrown into prison and their feet were shackled. They must have been in pain, their future was uncertain and yet they made an incredible choice to pray and sing. Also, take note that they had an audience listening to them.

FA689AD7-AEF5-43C3-BA7C-12285E92116EThese two incredible prisoners made me think of the state we are in today. Much of what we use to do has stopped, there is uncertainty and maybe the walls of your home are starting to feel like a cell. Everyday each of us are making decisions on how we respond. Whatever we decide, one thing we need to remember is that other people are listening. So what will they hear? Will it be fear or trust? Will we choose sides and blast blame across the aisle? Will we spend more time soaking up the news or truth of the scriptures? Whatever we choose will be made evident to everyone we have the rare opportunity to spend time with the moment we speak.

Honestly, for me some days are better than others and I always have an audience. What will my family remember when they look back over 2020? Will it be the acknowledgement of uncertainty, but that as a family we went the way of trust? I am praying it is the way of trust and loving each other well. Our singing may look more like praise music blasting inside and out and our prayers are preciously spoken from the mouths of my children, but to those listening I hope you join in. Who knows? Maybe other captives will be set free.


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