Loving Well

“ Tell me how much you know of the sufferings of your fellow man and I will tell you how much you have loved them.” -Helmut Thielicke

I do not know much about the author or the time he wrote this quote, but I do like the words he penned. He lived during the Nazi reign and was interrogated multiple times. To say the time period he lived in was uncertain, would be an understatement, and yet he spoke of loving others. We are not short on opportunities to love others now for many are suffering during our days of unknown. In fact, it can be quite overwhelming and sometimes I can sink in despair for all I see and feel.

D8309EA5-2532-41EB-BED3-871ADD367206When we look at the life of Jesus on earth, we see his heart and incredible love. He met suffering, it seemed, at every turn and often did something about it; ultimately dying on the cross. The same spirit that lived in Him, now lives in every believer. Should that not be helpful in opening our hearts to those around us? Sometimes it is someone in your own home or family that needs you to see them. Maybe it is in your neighborhood, church, school friend or community. Perhaps it is even you. How do you need love shown to you or how can you show love to someone else?

May we be people who are so available to the Lord that He can show us who needs love. Maybe you will be the one who receives love during your time of suffering because the Lord directed another to your aid. It may seem like a small thing, a timely text, phone call or note in the mail, but to the recipient it is an act of love. Give us eyes to see Lord.

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