I find it quite amazing how one person can share a few words that change the narrative completely. We were talking about moving and she shared some advice she had been given. It went something like this, “Do not waste time adjusting. Go ahead and jump in where God has you.” Unbelievable right?

291F330A-A6D1-4533-B726-887B143687F1All of us are in the ever changing pandemic days. Some of us are moving or have moved into new chapters of our story. Are we going to jump in, keep looking back or dreading what is right around the corner? Honestly, I have been in a pit of grief looking ahead. My friend unknowingly tossed down a rope into my pit with her words and I chose to climb out. It shifted something in my mind and then heart. It feels like I can breath again!

Hope this helped you as much as it did me:)


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