More Choices

This may seem odd, but everyday I receive a short video on a different business topic. While I do not work outside of our home or own any kind of company, I translate what I learn to either parenting or kingdom building. It is actually one in the same. Today’s topic was on changing someone’s mind and it was fascinating. He talked about how we cannot control others, but we can show respect. He talked about standing firm on our beliefs, but affirming the other person; which we can do by calling out what we see good in them. He even gave an incredible political example that I had not heard about.

E8E646FD-EB74-4160-B73B-0B0791AEF9D8The reality is we are not going to win anyone over by hate or ridicule are we? We each come to the table with our own opinions, that have been shaped by many different factors. We place so much trust in our need to control, to be right and underlining fears, that we run over hearts in my opinion. Is this what we want to be known for or is there another way?

Friend, if we answer the question “What confidence is this in which you trust?” (Isaiah 36:4), with anything other than God, we are on shaky ground. Our pastor reminded us of this just yesterday. The choice is ours to make each day, each conversation. May the God who gave us minds to think and hearts to feel, remind us of who we are and in whom we trust.

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