“But as for me, I trust in you.” Psalm 55:23

Simple words can be quick on the tongue, but actions that follow our words come a little slower.  When we add a big word like trust, there might be much to sort through and some questions to ask. What happened the last time we trusted? What is the track record of the object of our trust? What is my track record with trust? Misplaced trust can leave a scar a mile wide on us or them. Perhaps we were not meant to carry or to place such an important responsibility on us or them. Now, do not think I am flinging the gate open wide on relationships, jobs or responsibilities. No, more of a completion of our heart.

731B7A77-A716-4135-BFE5-3806B799D3EBWhen we talk about our God, He is another story. He alone is worthy of all our trust and the only safe holder of our trust. He does something in our hearts that nothing created can do. Friend, I pray you know Him to be trustworthy today.

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