Yesterday I got the opportunity to spend the day with some sweet two year olds. Each child was so different. Personalities ranged from outgoing and friendly to quiet and comforting. One would pat me on the back like I need consoling, it was precious. Most of them trusted me right away, asked questions or wanted to just be held. Just a few years old, still so shiny and new. I prayed for the kids silently and would encourage with words the smallest of accomplishment. And it all made me feel think, can we go back to that as adults?

The biggest argument for a quick no response to that question would be how impossible this would be because of the world in which we live. While I can see that point, I have another idea that began to form while listening to a short teaching on leading by Paul David Tripp. He gave an incredible case for humility. Each byproduct of true, biblical humility reminded me of these kids. They were loving, quick to forgive, did not care if they were first or last and for the most part, got along just fine. They were not after their own glory, but wanted to make me smile. I had a clear shield on so they would be sure to see.

If perhaps we are feeling pretty negative about our current world, ourselves or others, could humility be the key to take us back to that childlike faith? Like the kids yesterday, they were provided for and cared for by their parents. Is our Heavenly Father not able to care and provide for us? I have my doubts sometimes when things do not add up or my heart hurts, but I have seen enough to know He does. What about you?

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