“What you are in love with decides what you live for.” -Ann Voskamp

Such a thought provoking question, that can make you stop and truly decide what you love, don’t you think? It did for me when I read it. What do I love with all my heart? There are not qualifiers, just the question. What would be your answer? I know my answer would be different now that it was years ago. Knowing what one would want to hear would have come tumbling out, but that was based on my desire to win/earn my worth from whomever happened to be in front of me.

Because of what the Lord in His love has given and taken away, I can honestly say it is Him that I love with all my heart. It is out of this love that makes all the difference in how I live. Perfectly without sin? Are you kidding me?! Did you hear me let the boys have it when they were fighting on their top bunk bed? Were you in my thoughts as I had doubts or an unkind thought towards a person? Did you see my frustration with one child who struggles with wanting to dress like a princess, but finds the clothing much too uncomfortable and makes getting ready for school a royal nightmare? If I could design a children’s clothing line that was comfortable, beautiful and affordable, you bet I would!

No, deciding what we love does not leave us without sin, but it sure shapes our heart differently and repentance springs forth much easier. To have anything between you and your first love just it too painful. So maybe today as your time allows, ask yourself what you are in love with and see how it has shaped what you live for. Be honest, He knows and loves you just the same.

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