“The secular mind always maps out for itself a way in which self can work and become great, but the Lord’s way is quite the reverse.” C.H. Spurgeon

How I wish I would have had this quote when I was younger. It is so simple and yet shouts of dependency on our Lord. This may sound completely opposite to the worldly mindset many have taught and lived by, but I think that is the point. The Bible is full of examples of people who trusted God’s map for their lives and not their own. Take the life of Queen Esther for example. She was an orphan, raised by her uncle and became queen. Not only that, she went to the king at the risk of her own life and saved the Jewish people who lived in the kingdom. She saw a need and stepped up to help. Who could have mapped out such a plan other than God?

So many unknowns right now and maybe your carefully laid out plans are not working. What are we to do? Perhaps we can follow Queen Esther’s example and see who around us might need our help. Is there a single mom, widow, new business owner, college student or a close friend who needs you to come alongside and support them? Could this be part of His plan for you that you would have missed if allowed to continue your own plans? Do you have the time now to make a phone call, write a note, extend a dinner invitation or buy a cup of coffee? Who needs reminding that are loved and seen by their Heavenly Father?

You might not be asked to rescue an entire people group, but you can be used to rescue one who is struggling. An encouraging note, text, phone call, etc., can mean the world to someone. I know that it greatly encouraged our oldest daughter, when a family in her new town invited her over for dinner. She felt loved, seen and cared for and only God could have worked that plan out. He is amazing like that. We can ask Him today what His plan is for us. We can choose to trade in our map that builds our kingdom of one for His eternal one. One will end with you and the other has no ending. I am going the reverse way. Join me?

*Her shirt happens to say fully loved:)

2 thoughts on “Reverse

  1. Thanks, great comments and thoughts. Really appreciate your insightfulness. Glad Maggie is enjoying her new lifestyle at college and surrounding friends.

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