There is something I have noticed these last few days, pain can make me self-focused. Maybe because it was ever present, but I found myself thinking about how everything would effect me and not others. This was eye opening and heart revealing. It also got me thinking, could it be that many in our world are in pain?

There are all kinds of pain and a million different stories to tell to go along with each one. When you meet an angry or fearful person, I wonder if their heart is in pain? If the pain never goes away, is never properly healed, what is the long term result? Is healing even possible? I believe it is and only possible with the help of the One who knows our heart. Any other attempt is counterfeit and temporary.

Friends, many people are walking around in pain and living in response to what is going on internally. They might not even be aware of it because it has become a part of them. What can we do? Pointing out the pain probably will not work, but I know prayer will. Who better to talk to about a hurting person than the One who made them? He was there when the pain first began. He is the only One who can unravel the self made bandages applied to these hurts and bring lasting healing. Who could use our prayers today?

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