“He forgives all your iniquity…” Psalm 103:3

Sometimes you know you should not say something and yet you do. That still small voice says no, but you open your mouth and speak. This happened yesterday and I am thankful for the conviction that immediately came. As I laid my head on the pillow last night, I spoke to the Lord about it and confessed my sin. He is always faithful to forgive, for Jesus died for all our sin. Then this morning my heart was still heavy over my sin. In this case it means there is more. What came to light was the seed of rejection that was still present. One would think that at this age all would be gone. It is not blamed on anyone, for I know who is behind those seeds. Seeds take root, grow and twist around ones heart. Sometimes a memory can touch that place, but they do not have to remain. Apparently, a weed remained and needed to be taken out.

Because of the Lords compassion, grace and faithful love He used my sin to reveal something He wanted to heal. That is exactly what He did. I am well aware that I will continue to sin until heaven, but I am also very aware of grace. When you know the love of your Heavenly Father, you run into His arms of grace. It is an amazing place to be. Where are you running today?

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