Last weekend was our oldest birthday and I cannot let an opportunity go by to speak highly of her. She has been brave in the midst of so much unknown during this freshman year of college. That has been remarkable, but what stands out to me the most is her love for our God. She has gotten to know Him more in that dorm room and desires to share His love with others. She is involved with some wonderful places to share this love, to serve others and this makes my heart glad. None of this has been without struggle, loneliness and continuing to move forward. How can this be possible in one so young? Where did this maturity come from?

Watching her, I can only come to one conclusion… she lives loved. She knows the gift of the cross, has accepted it and therefore lives accordingly. She is comfortable in her own skin and does not try to be someone she is not. Why would she? It is because she is loved.

May each of us draw close to Him in the days to come. As the holidays unfold, kids come home and much is unknown, may we remember that we too are loved and live like a nineteen year old I know;).

Happy Birthday Maggie!

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