We are celebrating our youngest turning seven this weekend. Her beauty sinks deep and she has so much joy and peace. She is graceful and kind, always twirling on pointed toes. Her cartwheels happen in the most unexpected places, pure freedom on display. If you have not been a recipient of one of her smiles, you will want to remedy that real soon. It is a mix of sunshine and gentleness that will touch your heart like a lingering kiss.

Her request are simple and sophisticated, just so fitting for this precious princess. Dresses are her go-to and jeans just will not do; lipgloss and jewelry go without saying. Fairies and unicorns are real and she will not argue otherwise, it is just fact. Stories of dancing ballerinas and make believe hold her attention night after night. She thinks about Jesus in the most matter of fact way, for He is drawing her too. She really is a dream child.

One of the reasons why I think the Lord saved this dear child for last is because He knew we would need it. He was to begin a refining process in us and she reminds us of God’s goodness and faithfulness everyday. You cannot deny there is a God or who He is when you know this one. And I pray you know the One who created You and our sweet girl.

Happy Birthday Vivian!

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