“…because he willingly submitted to death, and was counted among the rebels; yet he bore the sin of many and interceded for the rebels.” (Isaiah 53:12)

Are you counted among the many? Have you believed, acknowledged your sin and repented or do you think He died for everyone else but you? It is almost too much to accept this willingness to die for you and for me. Our sin was the reason for His death and His blood is the only thing acceptable. How can that be and could God not have come up with another plan? Were the lambs and other animals not enough? Why this precious Lamb? Am I worth it?

When you think of the birth of Christ and realize the moment of His arrival began the countdown to His death, do you dread Christmas just a bit? Do you look at the baby in the manger and see a cross close by? I have this year and it often causes my eyes to tear in gratefulness. Seems He had been waiting all of time for this moment, for you and for me. I pray you know this baby as your Messiah and Savior this Christmas.

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