Seeds of Identity

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr day and many are quoting his amazing words. He really was an incredible leader. One of the kids asked if I thought his mission failed because he died; I said no way! He served as an example to many while he was alive by putting faith into action for the good of others. He was used to shine light in horribly dark places, actions, mindsets and laws of our country. We are changed as a nation because of the leadership of this man. We should all be grateful.

As I was thinking about the significance of this day, the thought occurred to me that I would have liked to have met his mom. I would have asked questions about their home life and the conversations that must have taken place. I would have asked about the seeds she planted in his young heart. He wrote about his mom that she “was behind the scenes setting forth those motherly cares, the lack of which leaves a missing link in life.” This gives a bit of a glimpse of who she must have been and the way she served her family. She had no idea who her son would become.

As a mom we have many opportunities to plant seeds for good in our children. We sat around the table the other night and did just that. We talked about identity and one of the younger kids said something I will never forget, “Mom, tell me who I am.” Are not all kids asking the same question? If we do not tell them, then who?

Dr. King knew who God created him to be and lived his life as a servant. He did not seem to be concerned about others liking him, accepting him or approving of the suit he wore. He was set on a mission and God used him in remarkable ways. I pray the Lord raises up more men and women with such a mission for we are not where we need to be as a country. And I am asking the Lord to start in our homes.

*I took this picture last night as we drove into our driveway.

3 thoughts on “Seeds of Identity

  1. Natalie, great article! Thanks for sharing. Lois and I were talking about the possibility that Dr King could have been President if it were a different time in society. And I believe he would have been a great one. He did impact our society for the good.

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