“We all eat untruths when our hearts are hungry” -The Old Try

One of our main expenses is food and we seem to be buying groceries all the time. Someone is always hungry and dinner happens every night. I like to feed the kids healthy things, but chips get packed in lunch boxes too. One boy would live off chips if allowed. In fact, he filled a bowl up today of his favorite snack and I adjusted the portion. This did not go well and he ended up without. We talked about how God designed our bodies to run on good things and eating too much salt and chemicals will cause all kinds of problems. Even our eating is important to the One who designed us.

You know when you are hungry and need food quick, but do not have vegetables cut up, so you reach for something unhealthy? The same can be said when our hearts are hurting, afraid, lonely or empty. We reach for an untruth and live accordingly. Oftentimes familiar untruths satisfy or comfort us and truth would be uncomfortable. However, just with any diet adjustment, the longer you stick with it, the easier it gets and results follow.

So as the weekend winds down and we look to the week ahead, how about we decide to feed our minds and hearts with truth. When fear, shame, anger or insecurity come, we can have scripture ready and let God’s word remind us of truth. It will take some adjusting, but you will notice a difference and before long others will too.

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