I have found myself back in preschool again this week for a few days. I will say I think teachers are incredible! The responsibility of getting to be apart of a child’s identity and how they approach learning, is quite a privilege. The picture of tossing out seeds comes to mind. My job has been more of the kindness and encouragement kind of seeds. Maybe it is my age, seeing how fast the early years of childhood go by and I just do not want to rush them to grow up. Too soon they will be sitting in desks, taking tests and wondering if they fit in. The more good seeds the better!

Watching how excited they get over learning colors and building a train track is pretty fun. Helping each other and getting the color of the week right, get equal praise from me. The more books you can read the better because one character can inspire a later passion. Please and thank you go along way. Letting them know you trust them and do not want to change who they are, is a top priority. How boring a classroom would be if everyone were the same and talked just like me!

I have absolutely no desire to leave my career of being a stay-at-home mom, but I am thankful for these times to invest in others. They will not remember a substitute, but maybe the seeds sown will.

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