I was thinking about this short lived organizing business I had. We would clear everything out, sort through the stuff, throw out things and put back only what was important. This picture came to mind as I learn more about the importance of our true identity. It is something I have fought to protect in our children. I will say that fear took this to an unhealthy place, but the Lord opened my eyes to the root and dealt with it. It was what I knew to be “true” and it took time to retrain my thinking. Grace marks each and every reaction and gently guides me back to what is true and important.

Maybe with us not having so many activities, we can sort through some of our baggage, see what is important and let the rest go. Simplicity is key and helps keep you in the present. Forgiveness is available from our Savior and His Spirit is our helper. If you need to ask for forgiveness, go ahead and get that done too. We can get so covered up with stuff, that we forget who we really are and live accordingly. We might have hurt others in the process. Also, it takes a lot more effort to keep up a false identity and you will easily tire. On the flip side, peace comes when your real identity is realized and everything changes. You react differently, speak less and finally know freedom. No wonder I named that business The Calm Home!

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