“Earth’s surface is a field for grain, but its depths are a forge firing sapphires from stones and chiseling gold from rocks.” Job 28 (MSG)

I got a picture once of being in a dark well and waiting for others to drop blessings down in a small bucket. And then as if someone dropped down a headlamp, I began to see the hidden things that would have been missed if I did not have the much needed light. I began to dig out treasures of truth, far more valuable than any worldly riches. Sometimes I was able to send these treasures back up and bless those waiting on the surface. It became more of an adventure and excitement. Everything changed with this new perspective.

Maybe you too find yourself in a season of darkness. Can I just say that the awareness of His constant presence will provide the light you desperately need. A good place I found to start is by telling Him the truth about the darkness you feel. Hand it to Him and watch and see what He gives you in exchange. The trade does not seem at all fair, but then neither does grace.

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