“When the Chest of the Covenant of God entered the City of David, Michal, Saul’s daughter, was watching from a window. When she saw King David dancing ecstatically she was filled with contempt.” 1 Chronicles 15:29msg

Our teacher challenged us yesterday in Bible study to not look out the window at other people, but look in the mirror. The concept is easy to grasp, but much harder to live out. Finding fault in others comes almost without thinking, but looking at the faults in ourselves becomes painful. Maybe that is why we avoid it. When I read this verse this morning, I found another woman that seemed to struggle with this very thing. She exchanged an opportunity of worship and celebrating for window watching.

When I choose to judge, it gives me a false sense of elevation; lifting me up above whomever I have put on trial. How much are we missing because of this lofty position? Who might we help, befriend, offer hope, invite into the Kingdom, worship and celebrate beside? Window watching is a place of isolation and division. Perhaps we will all get tired of the view and join in worship, for it is what we were made for.

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