Two Women, Two Windows

I ran across two women who were given two windows of influence. The first was Rahab, who hid the spies who had come to scout out Jericho. She lived in the wall of the city that would soon come crumbling down. Rahab let the spies down through the window by a rope or cord and would later tie this same scarlet cord to mark her window to be protected. This rope represented faith and because of her faith, her entire family was saved.

Another woman, Michal, was the daughter of King Saul, who was married to King David. When David brought back the ark of the covenant, Michal watched him celebrating before the Lord from her window. Scripture tells us that “she despised him in her heart.” (2 Samuel 6:16). Two women, two windows who had a view and a choice to make. One responded in faith and the other responded in judgement.

It made me think of us and the choices we get to make each day from our viewpoints. Will we respond in faith, that will impact generations to come or will we respond in judgement? Only one of these women is mentioned in the lineage of Jesus.

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