“I am going back to my father.” Luke 15 msg

This verse is so beautiful to me. It holds such humility, surrender and hope; no surprise because it was spoken by Jesus himself. He was telling story after story of the great love of our Heavenly Father, wanting each one listening then and now to come home. He knows our need and the poor substitutes we look to in order to make our life and ourselves meaningful. He knows how enslaved, how homeless we really are out here on our own and sent Jesus to open the door for us to come home. Home is the presence of our Heavenly Father and we never have to leave. Home is safe, abundant, peaceful, full of perfect love, joy and purpose. Once you’ve sat down at the table, it is almost impossible not to invite others. What you have tasted seems to overflow into every aspect of your life. You know the homeless, hungry look for you saw the same reflection years ago in the mirror. So now that we know, lets get busy loving others well and maybe just maybe they will accept an invitation to the table sometime.

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