A Homecoming Apology

Last night was the homecoming game for our school district. Our family put on the school colors and headed to the game. I maybe watched a total of two minutes of the game because I was distracted. And instead of lashing out in judgement and criticism, I feel like an apology would be more appropriate.

To all employees of our school district, I am sorry. I am sorry you could not sit down and enjoy the game with your family, after a full day of work. I am sorry you have so many responsibilities placed on you other than teaching your assigned subject or leading the district. I am sorry you have to make and enforce a dress code and stop all kinds of behavior. I am sorry you have to hire police and beg for volunteers. I am sorry you go unnoticed until there is a problem. Bottom line, I am sorry for not doing my job as a parent at all times. If I am doing my job, yours would be so much easier. Our time at home when schools shut down proved I cannot do your job. My children need you to teach them what I do not have the skills to do. It is my responsibility to teach them about love, integrity and self control. It is my job to instill in them true worth and identity, so they do not feel the need to find any of this in outward appearance and foolish behavior. They would know who they are and dress, behave accordingly. There would not be the need to ban bags and containers that house false courage and peace. So many things you are asked to watch for instead of the game and I am sorry.

An apology without action means nothing, so I want you to know something. I am committed to doing my job so you can do yours. We need each other. I also want you to know that this little mama is cheering you on and praying for you. And one more thing, I would also like to ask for your forgiveness. I have been imperfectly parenting for almost twenty years. I do not have all the answers or solutions, but I know the One who does. So I am counting on Him to empower me to make the difference in our children’s lives and hopefully make your job easier. And that is a victory we can all celebrate!

*Just to clarify, our children did not get into trouble. This is just my way of taking responsibility for my job as a parent.

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