I had forgotten how strange it feels to sell your home. Having strangers come and go, without you being here, is odd. What do they think when they walk in? What catches their eye? Do they have any idea what stories have been lived within these walls? Do they know that the dining room is the designated place for birthday celebrations and that my mom gave me the dishes that are on display? Can they even imagine all the meals that have been eaten around our kitchen table and the prayers that have been prayed there? Do they walk into a little room off of ours and know several babies called that their room for years? Do they know it has become a bit of a nursery for me too as I continue to grow?

Home is more than walls, paint and tile. It is a place to belong. It is a place where grace abounds, while we all are growing up. It is a place where tears flow freely and laughter soon follows. It is not perfect, but it has served us well. And we will continue this story on to the next home in excitement mixed with the sadness that comes with change. I’ll keep you posted:)

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