Protecting Home

“We believe in home.” -Chip and Joanna Gaines

This declaration rings throughout everything this couple builds and it is so encouraging. They know their mission and have set their course. Just walking around the beautiful grounds of the Magnolia Silos gives clear evidence. From the shops, to the food and all the details in between; excellence, care, protection, beauty, welcome and love are on display at every turn. And after not visiting this place in a few years, I think I appreciated it even more during a recent trip.

One thing a friend and I noticed was the amount of security that protected the property inside and out. What a picture it was to remember the importance of protecting those in our home, those entrusted to us. And I have felt the need to step up the “security” in our home through prayer. It is a weapon that can easily be forgotten, but I am telling you it is powerful. With satan openly wanting to destroy our homes and families, what better way than to go to the One who can do something about it?

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