Purposely Living

I read a great question today that asked what was the one thing that only you can do? What comes to mind? Keeping it simple, the one thing I can love my family in a million different ways. Others are welcome to join in, but this is my unique role. This is the part I was assigned to live and you have your story to live too. I was placed in our home to love my husband and each of our children. Where has He placed you? Who has He given you to love? None of us are perfect at love, but we can keep trying. And if you want to know how I learned to love, is that I know that I was loved first and so were you. What a purpose!

I will leave you with a great quote. “If we truly make the discovery of how valuable these kids are, and how vast their potential that we release by loving them totally, then the generation that follows discovery will be like no other this world has ever seen.” Joe White

3 thoughts on “Purposely Living

  1. Such wonderful comments. You & Damon really, really love each other and demonstrate so much love for your kids. It is amazing love.
    Yous folks are super!!!!!!!

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